Company Values

At AntzWorkz Consultants, we uphold ourselves strictly to the following values as we believe these are the key building blocks necessary to realise our vision:

  1. We will treat every client’s budget carefully and do everything possible to maximise the value of their research investment.
  2. We would not shy away from telling our clients the ugly truth when necessary as we are professional advisers and not salesmen.
  3. We strive to build a strong teamwork ethos leveraging off collective wisdom and experience to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  4. We do not claim to be good at everything and we believe in using the best for our clients’ benefit. Therefore, we are open to collaborations and are network/agency neutral.
  5. We believe in proper work-life balance as well as appropriate training and investment in our staff to ensure high quality at every stage of a project.
  6. We will set the highest standards for ourselves and challenge the status quo in our industry.