Customer Experience

As consumers become more discerning with ever-growing competition, a good customer experience becomes increasingly important. Customer experience is the sum of all the tangible and intangible interactions a customer has with an organisation. While many organisations are aware of this, not many are able to successfully capture such feedback accurately and timely. After extensive research and development, we have innovated a ground-breaking methodology that has been implemented successfully. This methodology and associated benefits have since been presented in global seminars.

Mystery Shopping

In contrast to customer experience, mystery shopping enables management to measure how closely their customers’ experiences reflect what the company expects them to experience in a structured and non-emotional basis. It can and does provide tremendous value when it is designed and executed well. Unfortunately, many mystery shopping programs typically under-perform against expectations. To ensure success for our clients, we challenged the status quo to reinvent mystery shopping and have achieved outstanding results in high profile complex studies for both government and commercial clients.

Marketing Evaluation

Organisations often spend millions on their marketing programs but yet often overlook the importance in identifying all the right metrics to measure the effectiveness of their programs. Typical performance metrics tend to be output focused e.g. number of press releases, etc. While outputs are important, it is also equally important to measure outcomes in terms of attitudes, behaviours, etc. Through our tried and tested approach, we have helped various clients to optimise their marketing efforts and in the process achieving greater returns on their investments.